G'day, I'm Corey - a product designer from Australia that focusses on design systems, contextual design and making tasks simple and intuitive. @CoreyGinnivan

I'm currently the Design Lead at Appbot, a company that is changing how some of the biggest companies in the world analyse customer feedback to improve their apps & products.

I've helped grow the Australian design and web community through initiatives like Localhost, where we plucked 4 speakers out of their home cities and took them on a tour around the country.

I'm chipping away at building Blocks (pun intended) - a friendly and visual way to track and schedule tasks across projects and groups.

Recently I've personally launched Urban Plate, a project that focuses on recipes for simple, creative and delicious vego dishes.

Hit me up on Twitter and say g'day, or if you're over in Perth let's grab a cold one.