I fell in love with Digital Design when I was 8 years old. That was when it clicked that everything I saw online or interacted with was actually designed and created by people - not some supercomputer that magically made it exist, and better yet, was an actual career path… Ever since then I’ve thrown myself in to learning almost every aspect of what creates great experiences and products.

Because of that journey I’ve amazing opportunties to grow out my skills in to being a design generalist and frontend dev.

I'm currently the Design Lead at Appbot, a company that is changing how some of the biggest companies in the world analyse customer feedback to improve their apps & products.

I've helped grow the Australian design and web community through initiatives like Localhost (now no more), an event that saw us pluck 4 speakers out of their home cities and take them on a tour around the country giving the same talk 4 different times – one of the most amazing experiences ever. In the community space, I’m currently a co-organiser of Product of Perth, a meetup that focuses on bringing together product people of all shapes and sizes.

In my spare time, I’m building progressive enhancements on personal projects which I’ve built for the design and tech community; systemuicons.com and whocanuse.com and creating niche products for developer tooling such as featureboard.app.

Recently I’ve also started to create and publish mini design + workflow threads on Twitter.

Hit me up on Twitter and say g'day, or if you're over in Perth let's grab a cold one.

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